My tweet for the day – RIP to my mother, Josefa Reyes Aguilar

Now you are gone my earthly mother, Nanay P. goodbye and thank you for raising ten children, am third to the youngest.  You died peacefully on the 22nd of July 2018.  Rest in Peace Mother, but MOTHER MARY remains!

‘My desire to praise You is in itself your gift.’ Thank you ?for this and the opportunity to be better today than yesterday. Thank you also for the grace to serve, for the many jigsaw puzzles in life that makes it more exciting and meaningful to live in time. (mom’s passing last 22 July 2018, had the chance to bond with 2 grandsons in Los Angeles, and the chance to spend quality though limited time with 2 sons).

Indeed. such are miracles. Am on my last leg of mission visitation. AMDG!

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