Summer Days 2018

Each time summer comes, there’s always something new to look forward to.  Shall I go to this new place in EU or prefer the usual attractions of the Asian continent countries more so the similar typical Los Angeles US weather.  Often it bring the best, as theirs is usually soaring high as far as 83C or maybe 50F while here we experience up to 208C.  Perhaps even less or more at odd times of the year.

I don’t get it, this normal cycle of life.  We often want the other way around.   When we are into the hot summery days, we complain it is too hot.   But come winter time, we say it is freezing and uses the heater to keep us warm.  It is normal occurrence that we complain at the present state, or even get weary about the future.  I think the previous experience of discomfort becomes looming, when we look into something that has not been in our hands.   We can only hold on to something concrete, the present.

Meantime, our present is the now that we have to enjoy while it last.  The summer days are here to come.   Looking forward to, and what about you? I don’t bother whether it is hot or cold.   But given the preference, I do prefer hot days because it gives me leverage to go out of the house.  More often do outdoor activities- such as do gardening, meet people, see places even new ones, beautiful beaches or indulge in food that is palatable to my taste such as ice cream imagine all sorts delight!   Come on, have fun and enjoy the benefit of something within your grasp, the NOW!

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