So is this another new genre endangering lives of our innocent youth today- to spike someone? This could definitely damage the brain and worse could kill someone else! A new climate of fear has succumbed into my core being as I saw how helpless my naive 19 year old son was. He who do not smoke nor do recreational drugs but only go out social drinking was duped. Yes, he was spiked and his drinks had ecstacy which nearly killed him. Oh that scary night! He was not in his self after being told by the medical doctor: ‘at the moment his life is not yet threatening, but we do not know what’s gonna happen in the next hours.’ ‘Meantime we would do our best to help him so he has to stay in the hospital…’ How can you relate to that?
Thanks to the doctors and nurses who took care of him at the St Mary’s Hospital.  Now, he’s back to his normal state.  The challenge is on to be strong and be on vigilant with the cruelty invading the future lives of our children!

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