When you need a shoulder to cry on?

You are down to the brim and ready to explode.   Stress, too much work and been up lately unable to sleep.   What is the thing that is bugging you?   Is there some sort of restlessness around you?   Why do people cant seem to be at your pace and reach out?   You seemed to be alone in the world of your own.   What are your fears or the cause of your anxiety?   Is there a need to be silent within and listen to the voice inside you telling you to slow down.   Reach out if need be but how can you when you are the one who needs reaching out.  You might need to unload sometimes.   There is a heaviness in your heart.   When your very own kin are the ones who put you down or is it your expectations that arent met that makes you feel frustrated.   Keep up the spirit.   Live one day at a time.   Make the most thinking it might be your last.  And most of all count your blessings always!  That will make you feel good despite the odds.

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