Black Sheep or Curse

Do you believe that sometimes there is one member of the family labeled as the black sheep? And how about a series of catasrophies engulfing the whole clan? Some say it is a generation curse occuring as a form of punishment because their early ancestors have done something bad in the past? Do you think they are true or just mere coincidences? One can easily dismiss this thought and consider them as mere superstitious beliefs. Well, it is happening to a family I know and to their big clan.
Btw, how is your historical perspective of your own family tree? Would you rather disregard something like that as myth or real? How do you draw the line?
Well, all I ever adhere to is, good bounces back! It has always been my adage and will always be in reference to life especially in my dealings with love ones, kins and strangers as well, including those difficult to love.

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