Foreword on the new book, 365 Days on the Isle of Wight


The philosophy within the pages of this book ~ which covers 365 days of a whole year, is as endearing as a lover’s prayer, where the lover is a lover of the world in which we live.

Here we have a writer who is slowly assimilating; attuning to new surroundings and in the process, is finding peace within her and feels the need to reach out to others while attempting to outline a path that secures a fruitful happiness for them, in all aspects of existence on earth and beyond.

We are presented with a year’s contemplation, usefully employed and worthy of the readers’ attention.  It can be read and re-read or picked at random to search for valid points of peaceful enlightenment.

Colin A. E. Arnold

Chairman, Isle of Wight Writer’s Circle

2 thoughts on “Foreword on the new book, 365 Days on the Isle of Wight

  1. Jan Toms

    Congratulations Cecilia – I do hope that you have a splendid response to your book. Unfortunately I won’t be here on the day that you have your signing but do have a good time,



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