Loyalty to the Person

Webster dictionary defines the meaning of the word loyal as faithful.    We often hear people talk about        others behind their backs whether casually in jest or purely for fun sake.    We may not mean what we say but the true essence of what we want to drive at – is to enjoy ridiculing people or making fun of them at their expense all too often without them being aware of it.   Call it sense of humor if you may say it but in reality, we spread negative energy.    It is injustice to the person absent before us and surely defenseless at any situation given point in time.

Perhaps this is part of human nature, which is for anyone to speak against one another whether good or bad.    It may be patronizing or judgmental but it definitely does not sound right.    I am guilty of this too, so no one is spared at the moment.   We all have our moments especially when we are feeling down and the person we want to talk about, has hurt us or caused us one way or the other – even at some point in time, really like kind of a personal injury.    Some would also justify their reasons for doing so as a way to ventilate their emotions and speak up continuously maligning the persons who have hurt or annoyed them.   No matter how difficult it may be, we have to have a share of the burden of others.   In a way, we help the suffering humanity in our own mysterious or little ways if you know what I mean.    But it does not help all the more if we talk further behind his or her back.   It only adds fuel to the fire as they say.    The negative vibe or energy does not bear fruit in itself, now or never will be in life.

But have you ever come across a person who loves to talk about other people most if not all the time?    It seems like that fellow has nothing better to do but to malign others and elevate just himself or herself; what more than show he is politically correct all the time.    There seems a never ending flow of back biting here and there.   But the truth is, what goes around comes around as the well-known guru advocates.    We may not know it but surely the time will come for a day to recompense.    It may not be today or tomorrow but the stage will definitely take toll on that the person.   He or she will be in for trouble no matter when comes a day of reckoning.

It does not mean to say you are the type of person who is confrontational, it just mean being a person of integrity.   But you do not want to waste time on useless conversations that does not bear good fruit in itself.    Or in plain simple terms, it means being loyal to the person you are present with.   You speak to the person if need be about what you need to air out or if you have an issue that needs to be resolved or want some clarifications so that you end up having a win-win situation where both parties are happy in the end.

Yes, it truly wise to better confront the person if need be when there is a cause for us to do.   It takes a lot of courage and strength to do it and the truth is, most people are not that kind of individuals who would be able to speak up and face the person courageously to face the challenge.    But, we will be more appreciated if we are able to speak up amicably and say our piece with the right intentions at the right time and place of course.    It may sound stupid or silly for some as they would not want to take risks because of fear of facing the music or being chastised or may perhaps be scared that it may even redound to them what they have talked about.     And it may happen sometimes, we need to walk away and just keep the sacred moment.   Be still as they say.   Learn to be silent and treasure the sacredness of the present moment when we do not have to say anything.    It will teach us perhaps to listen more not just to the voice of our within but also to the call of the given situation.

The moral of my story is again a plea not to add so much chaos in the world, bad enough with so many natural or man-made catastrophes. So as the famous song goes – let us help make the world a better place to live while we are still alive.


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