A glimpse of you.

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They say you are the master of the universe, yes that is true in my opinion. Your knowledge of who you are will help you understand the things you have control of. They are innate within acquired since childhood or through the environment you grew up with, which helped shaped your personality. Itcesspcp could be the positive personality trait or the negative one. Learning to live in the present moment regardless of your limitations will help you live in a holistic manner. Nothing wrong to strive to look into every opportunity for growth while toning down if not eradicating the less wholesome aura that will bring about a remarkable person you hope to achieve someday. Aim for perfection without being judgmental. No expectations, widen your horizon, and keep loving!

Several years ago, we were asked to take personality tests at our law firm.  I was one of the most vocal protesters, complaining that it was a waste of time and silly.  I guess I should not have been surprised that I scored very high as to cynicism. I became more aware of my cynicism and I decided in the last several years that I do not want to be cynical anymore.  Cynicism has a negative element to it, and I want to be positive.  Can you change … Read More

NOW  no more judgements, criticisms, and condemnations just keep loving and it will flow…YES LET IT FLOW!  18 Dec 2013.

This article was first published 2 Aug 2013 and published anew 7 March 2018


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