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The recent comments by the so called Dan Brown, author of the controversial well known books – Da Vinci Code and Angels and Demons sparked controversy among most if not all Filipinos.    I did not read his books as I do not find them relevant in my life.   But having heard about this most controversial volume,   I still do not intend to read this latest book of his.   By the title, Inferno I have no plan whatsoever waste my time to browse even the book.    I am convinced that it is important to discern what you read, see on TV or movies especially if they are not really worth reading or no value whatsoever in your daily life.   Or even for mere entertainment sake,   it should not even be considered as something of substance.   Remember, it is our duty as decent human beings to enlighten our minds, hearts and wills with substantial knowledge and not read or watch stuff that can pollute our minds detrimental to our whole being most especially our spirits.   


Going back, the comments Brown made comparing the Philippines to the gates of hell are partially true among them:  six hour traffic jams, suffocating pollutions, sex trade and extreme poverty.’    But there are other poor countries worse than ours.   North Korea, Bangladesh, Turkey and even Pakistan were even found to be in the bottom three of the recent survey by BBC because of similar life situations.   Also, in Mexico or and some similar poor areas in New York etc.  Let’s face it – there is really extreme poverty in our country.   Why because, the gap between the rich and poor is so high that it is really a big issue, finding the haves and haves not – getting more and bigger each day.   Good enough, we have the Church who help and look after the poor by becoming their spokesman and support their cause as well as all the middle income families around the areas where they belong to who try their best to give in their own little ways.         


Maybe we can also be grateful and look at it in a positive light!   First and foremost, let us pray harder that all the Filipinos especially the politicians should do their part to contribute to the betterment of our society.   The Philippines have great resources like the white beaches, ingenuity and cheap labour, awesome food cuisines and most of all; the Filipinos are generally happy living in their faith, hope and love despite the poverty and other problems besetting our poor country.   We must not forget that at least, we contribute to the church militant and church suffering here on earth.   Then we do our best amidst our struggles in life, with a happy disposition and positive stance in the different moments of our everyday existence.     The important thing is the fact that we act and look at the positive side of things and not dwell on the negative.   Even if it is actually within our grasps, we can make a difference if we get our acts together.   All the more, the people see how we are doing their contribution in our own good behaviours each and every day of our lives.   So brace yourselves and cheer up.   It is not the end of the world.   And finally let us salute to the slogan; it is more fun in the Philippines!   We must all uphold this in our culture! 

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