Thanks for making it happen one more time.

(From L to R Annie, Jocelyn, Cres, Mimi, Lynn, Allan, Rose, Jovi, Caroline and Jean,

Second Row Joshua, Fr. Anthony, Gerlie and Ces)1234809_10201286345712506_151339490_n

It was another manifestation being used as an instrument by the most authentic AUTHOR OF LIFE! It is indeed a confirmation that being an image of The Author, one becomes like Him;   Therefore, I claim joy, peace, contentment, health, prosperity, calmness and most of all love.1289871_10201413064584499_500491003_n

(From L to R 3rd Row- Allan and Lynn

2nd Row- Caroline, Thomas, Claire, Jasmine,Mimi, Gerlie and Jovi, Cres, Viv, Ron and Colin

3rd Row- Paul, Gary, Ces, and Jean)

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