A King With Rights

The Christendom will be celebrating in a few weeks’ time the great Feast of Christ of the King.   How relevant is this in my life is the question that pops into my head every time I am in deep thought or more so when a major decision has to be made.   In the normal day to day activities, doing the mundane things which sometimes leave us tired, stressed and even drained, we cannot help but wonder.  It is a question as to what the end goal and why one feels that way is probably because of some emptiness deep inside the inner core.  

I feel grateful each time and really awed with the marvels of why I have never truly gauged that there’s a vacuum within.   Thank God for the mighty One who I always think rule my heart.   I know it is the gift of faith and I humbly recognize that without God I am nothing.   So, it is important to let God be in control.   Yes, let him be the true King that rules our hearts.    For when one recognizes one’s limitations and nothingness, allowing God to be the mighty one that moves, guide and direct our life’s decisions, operations or anything that we do in our lives then we begin to see the light and value of life’s events.    We must be humble all the time because God does not want to enter into the heart of someone who is arrogant, proud and curious about everything. 

Moreover, Jesus Christ is the one who has the legal right to rule our lives and our weary hearts, as He is the King of Kings.   He is our Creator and the Author of Life.   He created us through the image and likeness of God; therefore He wants us to be like Him.   We must therefore, allow Him to penetrate and be likened to Him.   Only if we respond to the graces offered to us each day, in good moral standing and with faith, hope and love out of the depths of our inner selves can this happen.   If we free our lives from too much worldliness, pride and most of all from sins that drive us away from being close to the Mighty King, then we are geared towards holiness and the path of salvation.   This means we can attain our eternal reward in Heaven.  

I can observe that when a person has truly surrendered himself to God as His true king and ruler of his life; this person becomes attuned to Him.   Of course, he is mindful too that he is under the mantle protection of our blessed Mother Mary and always invoking the Holy Spirit to be at his midst each time.   Yes by doing so, you can tell he is truly a prayerful person living what he prays for and always touching base with God’s emissaries.  Then in actual fact, he is grounded, level headed and godly.   He neither is not judgmental, critical nor forces himself on others.   He has the good vibes and can jell with anyone without overdoing things.   He is just into things as they say.    And the people get drawn to him, not literally to his egotistical self I truly can say; but he draws closer people to God, because they see that God is so much alive in that person.   Well, in the end it is you and me loving one another and bringing each other closer to God and when we do, we will have our fair share in the eternal rewards in Heaven!


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